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Another bowl of potato Chips?

Have you ever noticed that the mind doesn’t like moderation?

The mind usually wants More.. it likes more, especially common in our younger years
Our mind may be tempting us toward that second bowl of potato chips, while our bodies feel full.

The body likes what it likes and seems to leans towards more moderation especially into adulthood.
As Our Being become more conscious, we recall our power of choice.

We may ask ourself; if I choose this, what will this choice create? For example, “If I eat that second bowl of potato chips that I’m NOT really hungry for, what will that create?”

Without judging our choices even for the ones we aren’t ready to make, I wonder if instead, we simply take the first step by- acknowledging our choices.

Our minds may try and sway us toward that second helping, but if we can practice that pause between bowls, long enough to ask ourselves, what will this choice create, we could develop a stronger capacity or muscle called choice.

Choice precedes awareness…

How many choices do we make a day?
Which Clothes do we wear, which foods will we eat for each meal, who will we answer calls from?
What area of business will we be contributing to In the morning, afternoon etc?
What family activities could we play? The list goes on….

Our bodies are so super cool that once we make. choice – our bodies reveal an energy to us (are we paying attention is the bigger question?) For instance, while making the choice to eat the 1st bowl of potato chips was a yes, the body may felt a momentary natural wave of energy.

By the time we have chosen the 2nd bowl of chips, our body’s clue may show up by a momentary feeling or awareness of “that tired-lazy feeling” (before we actually eat it).

I wonder what could be possible if we flex our capacity to choose with body’s knowing- even if the first step is to simply acknowledge our own power to choose?

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