Beginner Yoga in Coral Springs

Ready to experience the flow of positive energy in your mind, body, and spirit?

Embrace beginner yoga and change your life.

Don’t worry if you are unsure of how to take your first steps towards yoga.

We are here to help you become a yogi!


beginner yoga

Are YOU New to Yoga or New to Signing up with us at YOUniversal Yoga?

We do recommend using the MindBody App on your device for viewing the most up to date info on our daily classes. 

New to our app?

  1. Simply, Download the MindBody APP
  2. Create your personal login/account name (generally your email) + your personal password
  3. Search YOUniversal Yoga at the top
  4. click to view class schedule
  5. find the class you would like to attend on the schedule and click BOOK
  6. Purchase the class (reminder class packs save you $ and we do have New Client Promos available, so take advantage!

Please arrive to the studio at least 15 minutes prior to class start time!

What to know before your first Yoga class with us:

  • Refrain from eating a heavy meal at least 2 hours before the class
  • Wear comfortable breathable clothing (optional to bring dry clothing to change into afterward)
  • Hydrate throughout the day- drink plenty of water
  • Prepare to sweat
  • Refrain from wearing heavy scented Deodorant and or perfume/cologne

What to Bring to yoga class:

  • A Yoga Mat if you have one
  • A reusable water bottle
  • 1 large towel
  • 1 face towel
  • An open mind and willingness to have fun

Yoga For Beginners Near Me

Once you have decided that you need to try yoga, the first question in your mind may be where to find yoga for beginners near me?

If you reside in Coral Springs, look no further than YOUniversal Yoga.

From yoga for beginners to yoga for pros, we offer it all.
Each class is tailored to help you learn and grow.
Join YOUniversal Yoga for yoga in Coral Springs to embark on a lifelong wellness journey!

Say no more, I'm ready to try Beginner Yoga.

Click below join us for Beginner Yoga.


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